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Safely Apply ESD

Apply ESD indicatorNeed to apply ESD safely when a windows 95, 98, NT or Win2K computer is booted? According to the RemoteWare documentation you can just add a shortcut to the start menu so when the user logs on ESD is automatically applied. That does work, but is it safe? If only some of the ESD files were transferred to the computer and ESD is applied you could end up with a client that no longer functions.

So how do I make it safe to apply ESD at boot time. ApplyESD is your answer. ApplyESD looks for a specified file to determine if ESD needs to be applied. If the file is found, ApplyESD then applies the ESD and can optionally run a program after the ESD is applied.

This allows you to place a flag file on the computer as the final step of ESD. Then when the computer is started if the file is found the ESD is applied. If the file is not found the ESD will remain in the update directory. This prevents partial installation of ESD files.

After ESD is applied you can optionally start a program. For example after ESD is applied start the RemoteWare kernel or any other program or batch file you would like to run.

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