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Church Web Development

The biggest problem with Church pages today is they are out of date. We want to help by hosting your content and the best part is your visitors will think you did all the work.

Here is how it works. We have tools that allow you to build your content on our site. These simple forms update our database with your content. Then you display the content on your site by adding one simple line of HTML code. Example: <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1"   SRC=""></script> This one line of code would display all the prayer request and praise reports for your site.

We can also help by showing you how to set up processes within your organization to assure your site stays current.

Here is a list of just some of the tools and how they can be put to work on your church site. These tools can be included on any site we develop or they can be purchased for use on your site. Click the links (more coming soon) to see examples. Also Check out the Free Stuff for non-profit sites.

Utilities that Keep your site current

Prayer and Praise reports - Build a list of prayer request and praise reports to be
displayed on your site. Example Build Demo
Schedule - Interactively build your schedule of events. These events can be displayed
by department or for the entire church.
Calendar - Build a monthly calendar of all meetings/events. Each event can be linked
to other pages.
Content Notification - Notify department heads that new information is needed. Email
your staff to notify them the content they provide is about to expire.
Effective Dated Content - Content appears on your site only when you want it to.
You supply the content with start and stop dates, the script does the rest.
Upload Page - Quickly upload single web pages. Great for bulletin or sermon notes

Forms that gather or distribute information

Sign up forms - Members can register or signup for activities on-line.
Information Request Forms - Automatically Email requested information to your
Contact Forms - Visitors can contact anyone within your organization or you pick who
gets the emails.
Email List Signups - Automatically register your members for special email
Invitations - Send invitations to friends or family. Invite friends to baptisms or special
Announcements - Email announcements to registered members or visitors
Email this page - Allows users to send the page they are viewing to friends.

Add excitement to your site

Ads - Rotating ads encourage visitors to explore your site.
Rotating Graphics/Content - Use Rotating content to keep your site fresh. Your page
can change every time it is viewed.


Recommend Us - Lets your visitors tell everyone how great your site is
New Stuff - Send members emails about new materials on your site

Free Stuff

The web is full of free content for non profit organizations. Including this content on your site will keep your visitors coming back. Let us show you how to put this information to work. Here are a few examples of what is available.
Bible Search - There are too many free Bible search tools to list. At least one of them
should work for you.
Bible Study aids - Concordance, Dictionaries, Maps you name it, its out there and its
Devotionals - Many from nationally known speakers
Weather - Check the current conditions or the forecast for anywhere in the world.
Sports Scores and News - Track your favorite team from your church home page
Stocks - Allow visitors to track their portfolio from your page.
Current News - Keep up with current events
White pages - No need for a phone books
Yellow Pages - Find a business anywhere in the world
Interactive Maps - Allow visitors to get a driving map from their home to your church
Jokes, Movie Reviews, Web Search, Site Search, Kids pages, more ......

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