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"ClearCut Logging"

Booshway's ClearCut logging solution works with XcelleNet's RemoteWare® 4.0 and 4.1 Server. ClearCut Brings back the features of Session History, Server Message and File Transfer logging you once loved, and more. Access the logs from your browser no additional workstation installations or licensing required.
ASP, ADO, and Dynamic HTML

Software Required:
Microsoft IIS
ADO support
IE 5.0 or greater

Hardware Required:
Must be able to support the required Software.

Main Menu - Click to view a Demo!
Session History Session History Log

Server Message Log Server Message Log

File Transfer Log File Transfer Log

Requires IE 5.0 or greater (DHTML)

A single UDL file assures easy setup, configuration, and Testing.
RemoteWare® is a Registered Trademark of the XcelleNet Corporation. This product is not endorsed by XcelleNet.

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