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XcelleNet Related Services

Booshway is an Authorized XcelleNet Service PartnerXcellenet

We have installed, upgraded, or supported some of XcelleNet's largest RemoteWare customers. We are not just RemoteWare engineers we are users too. All of our engineers have actual RemoteWare user experience. We won't tell you how RemoteWare is documented to work we will tell you how RemoteWare actually works.

Our engineers will work with your staff to assure they will have the experience and training to support RemoteWare even after we are gone.

RemoteWare Installation/Setup - Complete Installation and configuration of your hardware and software. We will work with your staff to analyze your environment and Network infrastructure to assure compatibility. Then we will continue to work with your staff to configure your RemoteWare server or sever cluster. Together we can build and install the required MS SQL server. If you're using messaging, we will build and install an Exchange server and configure the RemoteWare gateway. We will even train your staff on the best ways to troubleshoot problems. When the installation is complete your staff will have the training and experience to solve most common RemoteWare issues.

SQL 7.0 to 2000 Conversion - Let us show you the best way to convert your RemoteWare data from SQL 7.0 to SQL 2000. There is a quick, easy, and safe way to convert your databases. You don't need to upgrade your SQL 7.0 server to 2000. We can show you how to easily move the SQL 7.0 databases to SQL 2000.

System Review - Quick review of your current RemoteWare system. Review any known issues, Operating system and OS Service Packs, RemoteWare Service Packs and hot fixes, required and suggested registry changes, modem and protocol settings. We can also show you how to move data and processing off your servers and increase server reliability. This review will not only eliminate current issue but will assure superior performance and reliability for the future.

Cluster/Server Upgrades - Need to add another RemoteWare server or workstation to your cluster? We will be glad to show you how to safely upgrade your system with the least amount of downtime.

Planning - If your thinking about installing RemoteWare for the first time, give us a call. We will review your environment and make recommendation about implementation and client types. We will even alert you to possible future issues.

System Conversions - If you need to convert your current RemoteWare 3.31 system to 4.1 DON'T attempt this alone. There are numerous issues that can arise when converting your system. You could end up without a functioning RemoteWare server or cluster. Let us show you how to assure a smooth successful conversion.

Analyze History - We will look at the success and failure rates of sessions, data throughput, and connection times. We also have tools to graphically view your port usage. We can also train your staff in how to quickly load and analyze session and server history using commonly available software.

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