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Web Tools/Utilities

Here is a list of just some of the tools we have ready to use on your site. These tools can be included on any site we develop or they can be purchased for use on your site.


Recommend Us - Lets your visitors tell everyone how great your site is
New Stuff - Send visitors emails about new materials on your site

Utilities that Keep your site current:
Schedule - Interactively build/update your schedule of events
Calendar - Build a monthly calendar of all meetings/events
Content Notification - Email your staff to notify them the content they provide is about to expire
Effective Dated Content - Content appears on your site only when you want it to
Upload Pages - Quickly upload single web pages. Great for corporate announcements.

Add excitement to your site:
Content - Use Random/Rotating content to keep your site fresh
Rotating Graphics/Ads - Every time your visitor refreshes the page they can see new content

Forms that gather or distribute information:
Sign up forms - Visitor can register for programs or activities on-line
Information Request Forms - Automatically Email requested information to your visitors
Contact Forms - Visitors can contact anyone within your organization
Email List Signups - Automatically register your visitors for special email
Invitations - Visitors can send invitations to friends or family.
Announcements - Email announcements to registered members or visitors
Email this page - Allows users to send the page they are viewing to friends.

Webmail - Check your email from any web browser (only if you host with us)

Church/Non Profit - See our special pages

I did not see the tool I need - No problem just drop us an email and we will build it for you. Of course pricing will depend on the complexity of the tool/utility.

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